Little women

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Little women: the words was taken by Louisa May Alcott to be the title of her novel. The story will bring the readers to know New England in 1861 when there was a civil war–the conflict between north and south.

the story began in the Christmas day when March family let Mr. March to join the civil war. In that time, the member of March family were Mrs. March, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The four sister acqquainted t their neighbor, Laurie. They made a closed friendship. Mr. Brooke seemingly who was LAurie’s tutor had great interest to Meg. But Jo did not permit it happened. She did not want to lose her sister in her life. The show must go on. And Meg and Mr. Brooke married. They had twin children then.

After graduating from his college, Laurie revealed his affection to Jo. unfortunately, Jo cannot accept it. She only regarded him as a brother. This condition made Laurie’s feeling broken. Later, he decided to go to forget all things remembering the beautiful moment with Jo.

One day, Mrs. March got a letter from her husband that he was sick. So she decided to visit him and accompanied by mr. Brooke. This event happened before Mr. Brooke and Meg married. After the departure of their maother, four sisters tried to manage all household needs. suddenly, they were surprised when knowing the fact of Beth which got scarlet fever. It made her sister worrying moreover they cannot find their mother near them. So soon, they sent a letter to their mom. Wishly, they can meet her again to solve this condition. When it happened, the health of Beth was good gradually. But she still laid on bed. Yet, when she knew that her father came back home in the next Christmas day, she was very happy and got her energy again. Unfortunately, Beth was died.

in the certain time, after Amy went to French, Jo decided to pursue her dream to be a good writer. Jo went to New York. In this city, she met Friedrich who is a professor in German. He taught how the way to be a good writer and also criticized her stories. his Critic seemingly made Jo annoying. eventually, she came back to her home town.

Amy was invited by Aunt Carol to join her to go to French. Absolutely, she was so glad to accept. She learned to be an artist there. She loved painting and developed her ability to be a good artist. In this city, she met Laurie again and finally, they married.

Jo seems to be surprised when she knew their married. She perceived a loneliness because nobody wanted to be with her, yet it was recovered when Friedrich came to her house to see Jo. Jo wished that Friedrich came to reveal his purpose to her and it was true. In the ending story, Jo and Friedrich were married. Then They built a school to children.


The story showed the difference of characteristic built by the author that Four sisters have each specific characteristics. Little women itself probably to show the four sisters with their characteristics. So what the character do you want???



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