This is my second task in literary criticism class. No perfect understanding that i have to make it clearly. Just make it better why the myth, fiction and displacement have closed interrelation. it’s explained by Northop Frye. Probably, it can’t make you satisfy, but it enriches our knowledge…. Please, check it from this note,..

The myth flourishes around society as a certain type of story. It is story in which some of the chief characters are gods or other beings larger in power than humanity[1]. It influences society to believe it although actually it is like a folktale that is such an abstract story-pattern. Even, it does not need the plausible or logical story in motivation. But, the society still believe it as a story really happened or having some exceptional significance in explaining certain features of life, such as ritual. Although it is such an odd tendency emerging around society, merely it is able to build up bigger structure.

The myth is a part of the world of art formed as a verbal art. Time to time, society creates it relying on their belief that probably comes from their experiences in natural space. Then it emerges a perspective in human being that grows the system of tales called as a mythology. Every develop mythology tends to complete itself, to outline an entire universe.

To understand the myth, it properly knows the principles influencing to form the myth in assimilating the nature to human form that are analogy and identity. Analogy means that there is a relation bounding between human life and natural phenomena. Identity conceives of a “sun-god” or a “tree-god”. These will be inherent to the perception of society. Then, perhaps a myth may be told and retold; it may be modified or elaborated, or different patterns may be discovered in it and its life is always the poetic life of a story.

In many cases, the myth becomes the main outline then occupied by literature including fiction as well. Literature is more flexible to tell the story of universe implicitly and completely perhaps consisting of the myth. Also similarly, the principles of myth; analogy and identity become the structural principle of literature. Thus, between the myth and literature can form a certain relation intending to study the genres and conventions of literature. In the other hand, the literature seems to have a purpose letting the myth still alive and making it credible, plausible or logical. This technique can be called as displacement. Time to time, there is a continuity established in a unity between the myth and literature (fiction).

In the conclusion, the literary criticism is taken to understand the structure or system forming the literature or myth. It shows that the literary shape comes only from literary tradition, and so ultimately from myth although the literature is created as unified imaginative system. One of the main uses of myth criticism is to enable to understand the corresponding place that a work of literature has in the context of literature as a whole. Finally, the literature is a reconstructed mythology, with its structural principles derived from the myth.

[1] Myth, Fiction and displacement by Northrop Frye


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