raminten vs angkringan

people always try to adapt the condition suitable with the environment around. But, in their side, they have a certain pleasure that should be employed. It has become a common behavior. When some people look for it by spending money to fill their stomach with delicious food, this moment emerges the culinary event and encourage some people to build some places which offer certain menus. they start to create food and bevarage creatively and innovatively. they also offer good service to make interest customers.

today, i’ve got my beautiful trip in culinary. coincidentally, my old friend who never i meet for two years came to my current town where i live. so we decide to choose raminten. when i came to this cafe, my nose smelt something strange that i really did not like. It’s like “jamu”. ya, i know that raminten merely offers some jamu to recover some complaint from their bodies. but when i smell it around cafe for the first time, just want to leave that place. unfortunately, we have booked. if we decided to leave in, how ashamed we are leaving that place without ordering something. so we still ordered some food and bevarage. hm,.looking at the menu seems to see the odd name and also the price that is not suitable with my pocket as a student ^_^. but, this problem has become not to be my problem at that time because my old friend treated me,of course.

my note in Raminten: you will see waiter and waitress using jarik batik. it is one of characteristic that differs that place to another place. and also the menu that performs the nuance of java and also the background, setting of place or background taking a nuance of java too. but those setting must be paid by the price.

the next destination, i and my friend decided to have a dinner to angkringan. this is the first time to me to try that place. although, i often have a dinner in angkringan but it’s different place and also cheap. you can take the food; tahu, tempe, ayam bakar, ceker, and so on, es teh, teh anget, es jeruk and so on, and a meal of rice on plate. If you have finished to eat and ready to pay, probably you will get a shocking because it’s really really cheap. prove it!!!!

two places to get eating are different. and people around the world may be different too. when they decide to choose something, perhaps the others will choose the different view not like what they choose. yupz,..this is the world, we can take to enforce people to choose like we want…. ^^


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