smiling in my mind

it’s about my mind always smiling. they fill in my mind without knowing why they are in. smiling does not come to my mouth to describe my feeling but it is only coming from my mind channeled to my mouth to perform what actually i think on that time. just realizing that smiling is over. i can’t smile anymore like my sweet smiling several years ago. perhaps, my challenge has changed or to be changed. perhaps God has given a choice to me to do the other things that is more complicated so personally it makes better for the future.

my prejudice always stir in my mind, and often enforce to develop my capacity or to try the new one. the new is about capability or ability that should i have. but unfortunately, it need more energy to fulfill it. we / i can’t walk alone or handle it alone. loneliness to share seems to be the obstacle that change of view in my mind. probably, you will find something going on bad or making mad. hufft, i find it on my mind now that alwasy smiling without knowing what for or for what. just playing it to my simple life. let’s check it out,…


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